The video tells about two trash movie stars, Linda Lust and Cheryl Love, and their reckless drive to attain celebrity. Their careers ended in a tragic car crash in which Linda Lust was killed. Blamed for the crash, Cheryl disappeared from public view. What really happened? In the video, In Love with Lust, an eager reporter is making a documentary about the career and current situation of the starlets. The documentary contains scenes from their films, interviews, music video clips and stills

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by

Tero Puha

Original footage created by

Tero Puha and Julia Suikki

Trailer music written by Heikki Lempiäinen

Trailer music produced by J-J Nippala

Edition 3 / Length 11´11 / DV-PAL

Colour / Stereo