In the center of Puha´s broad oeuvre stands the man whom he perceives as a social and biological construction within a certain timeset. His travels have made him a cosmopolite, who carries along being thrown into the world, with his questions, doubts and joys. Like in his actual work Vortex the characters in his videos end up in external and internal devices such as a whirlwind. Vortex tells a story about a man who has travelled to Rio de Janeiro. There he finds happiness and tragedy soon after. In the film reality and possible reality blend creating a surreal twist. Puha breaks the tragedy with a twinkling gesture and often with a sense of humour.

Katharina Stoll / NexTex Gallery, Switzerland

In Tero Puha´s twelve-minute film Blockage, after her mother's funeral, a woman confronts her own childhood and the feelings that are re-emerging. Puha releases his heroine with a surprising new identity. A concentrated, haunting streak on questions of one's own, including gender, identity.

St Gallen Tagesblatt, Switzerland 15.2.2014

Tero Puha´s narrative short films are surreal stories that study the relation of coincidence, outside influences, destiny and individual´s own choices in life. Puha is working on the projects in a multidisciplinary fashion: he is writing, producing, editing and directing the films himself. Additionally he using a trusted group of actors, musicians, designers and make-up artists in the process. In the films there is hardly any dialogue; the stories are told almost entirely through strong visuals, expressions and sound.