It was the morning of 12 September 2009. Artist Tero Puha woke up in a hotel room in Novosibirsk with strange markings on his left arm. He had no idea where they had come from. He had no recollection at all of the events of the previous night. His exhibition trip of Russia had received a disquieting turn. Several weeks later, strange, random memories of the events of the night began cropping up in his consciousness.

In attempting to understand what happened that night, Puha has even used hypnotherapy. Memories resurface in his mind during the regression – what are they trying to tell him? What were the strange markings on his arm? Was something unusual registered in Russian territory or airspace during that time?

Memories of the Unknown brings together evidence of Puha’s experience to provide an unbiased and comprehensive account of the events. The show includes a video showing the artist under hypnosis, as well as automatic drawings that he made during the session. Puha’s attempts to understand his experience also took him to see a British brain scientist: the exhibition features memories and photographs taken with a device that scans mental images.


Photographic works

Graphic works

Memories of the Unknown, video projection